Sunday, October 11, 2009

Penn State’s nifty “Get Ready to Own” pages

Penn State has done something special with their contest entry in this year’s Solar Decathlon. I found it very helpful. They created part of their website so that customers, or the curious, can get a handle on what the “Natural Fusion” home would cost in various sizes, with different options.

Surely this will help them earn some extra points in COMMUNICATIONS but it also shows how their house design is adaptable and affordable, even when made larger. More interesting to me, is how it shows things like the difference in cost between new wood and reclaimed wood. (Reclaimed wood is more expensive.) It also gives a person a grip on the cost of many other green features.

Just from photos and video, the style of their home looks attractive and marketable, although I question the roof pitch for areas that get snow. A foot of snow would block the clerestory windows.

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